Bands & Ensembles



We are not offering these courses
at this time.  We’re still praying to grow into these ensembles in the future.  Email us if you’re interested.


Aspire Conservatory offers beginning band instruction for homeschooled students and is exploring the opportunity to begin a satellite program of beginning band classes in local Christian schools.

The instructional fees Homeschool Beginning Band Class falls under the large group instruction rate of $40/month.  This group requires a semester commitment!

Homeschool Beginning Band Class
Currently Not Scheduled – Available by Arrangement

This class meets once a week and is open to students grades 5 and up with no previous playing experience.  This class is for traditional band instruments such as flute, clarinets, trumpets, etc.  Students must provide their own instruments and will be required to purchase a class book.

Instrumental Ensembles

Aspire! Conservatory offers a variety of instrumental ensembles throughout the year!  Ensembles are designed for students with interest a specific instrument who desire to play with other like instruments.  Ensembles also offer detailed instruction specific to that instrument much like a master class.  Ensembles are perfect for both private students, homeschool students, and students participating in their school music program who desire to learn more.

The instructional fees for  our Instrumental Ensembles fall under the large group instruction rate of $40/month.  Ensembles require a semester commitment!

String Ensemble 
Currently Not Scheduled – Available by Arrangement


This ensemble is designed for orchestral string students grades 5-8 with a minimum of one year playing experience.  Younger students recommended by their private lesson instructor may be permitted to participate.