Online Covid Policy

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    Aspire! Conservatory, being committed to our clients, personnel, and community, has taken the initiative to institute the following policies, with the guidance of the KY Department of Health and the CDC, in an effort to minimalize the spread of COVID-19.

    1. Release of Liability:

    “In consideration of entering onto the premises of First Baptist Church and participating in activities of Aspire! Conservatory conducted on said premises, I agree to assume full responsibility for my activities while present on the premises, and I knowingly and freely assume all known and unknown risks, including but not limited to falls, disease transmission, and acts of other persons on the premises, whether accidental or deliberate. I agree to comply with all rules, regulations and procedures imposed by the leadership of Aspire and First Baptist Church; and I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless Aspire! Conservatory and First Baptist Church, their officers, directors, employees and other officials with respect to any injury, disability, death, or damage to my person or property, whether caused by the acts of said persons, by others on the premises, or by acts of God.”

    2. Participation:

    A. Participants will receive a copy of the procedures and policies before returning to in-person classes.

    B. All participants will be asked to sign and submit a policies page, including the release of liability clause.

    C. Any student or accompanying adult who has exhibited symptoms consistent with COVID-10 (such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, or any other symptoms listed by the CDC within 24 hours prior to their lesson/class, or who has knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 MUST NOT ATTEND the lesson/class. Please contact your instructor prior to your scheduled lesson/class time to arrange on online lesson.

    D. To minimize the risk of exposing others to COVID-19, any student, accompanying adult or instructor who has travelled or vacationed outside of our local area to any destination in the “COVID Risk Level: RED” per the Harvard Global Health Institute’s interactive map, cannot attend in-person lessons/classes for at least 14 from when you left the “RED” county. Please notify your instructor and/or the administrative director regarding any travel for further instructions before returning to in-person lessons/classes. Online lessons will be arranged.

    E. All students and accompanying adults will be required to wear a self-supplied mask. (Exceptions: Students taking lessons on wind instruments who cannot wear a mask while playing their instrument, may remove the mask while playing (or use a zippered mask), but will be required to stay 6-10 ft. or further from the instructor. Students taking voice lessons will be required to wear a mask upon entering the building but use a mask plus a clear face shield during lessons. Student/instructor may remove the mask while singing but must maintain a 6-10 ft. distance from the instructor.)

    F. Students and accompanying adults will be asked to arrive as close as possible to their lesson time to decrease wait time and likewise crowding in the hallways.

    G. Families will be asked to limit the number of people in the building to the student and one adult.(Exception: siblings taking lessons at back to back times.)

    H. All participants are hereby advised that should another governmental shut down occur due to a resurgence of Covid-19 and/or we experience a localized shut down due to elevated risk, lessons/classes will revert to online sessions.

    3. Check-In/Check-Out/Payments:

    A. Students and accompanying adults will enter the white door past the ramp as always.

    B. A hand sanitizing/ temperature check station will be set up right inside the door. Everyone will be expected to sanitize and self-scan their temperature upon entering the building. Temperatures will be recorded as “100.4 or under” and “over 100.4”. Persons with temperatures “over 100.4” will not be allowed to attend lessons/classes.

    C. There will be signs posted asking participants to keep a 6’ distance. We can add taped markings on
    floor if permissible.

    D. Volunteers/Employees at check-in will be asked to wear masks.

    E. Upon entering the building, students/accompanying adults will give their name to the volunteer who will mark them present. No one will share ink pens.

    F. Parents will be asked to continue online payments or have a check written before entering the building. No cash payments will be accepted. This will eliminate money from exchanging hands and the necessity to write receipts. Parents will use their check as their receipt. A payment drop box will be placed near the desk. This minimalizes the distance/time issues involved with payments.

    G. Students/Accompanying Adults will now be allowed to exit the double doors near the choir room. This will also help to decrease congestion near the sign-in table.

    4. Lessons/Classes:

    A. We will not be placing chairs in the hallway for students/accompanying adults waiting on their lesson to begin. This is to encourage arrival close to lesson time and to minimize traffic/lingering in the hallways.

    B. Instructors/Employees/Clients will be required to wear a mask until which time regulations are changed.

    C. Where and when possible, and to the extent practicable, instructors will maintain a 6 ft. distance from students and accompanying adults. This will not always be possible.

    D. Instructors will be provided sanitizing supplies. Instructors will make sure that each student and accompanying adult sanitizes his/her hands before the lesson AND after the lesson. Chairs, piano benches, music stands, and piano keys will be disinfected after each student.

    E. Instructors will monitor the sanitization of door handles to their lesson rooms. Using our provided hand sanitizer upon entering the building as well as before and after the lesson should help provide an extra layer of protection.

    F. GROUP CLASSES - Registration for these classes will be limited. Accompanying adults will be asked to escort them into the building and come in to pick them up, but to wait in their cars during class to minimize traffic in the hallways. All other sanitation and safety measures used for private lessons will apply to group classes. Participants in group piano classes will be required to wear a face mask.

    G. Lesson/class start times will be staggered every 15 minutes to reduced traffic at check-in.

    5. Bathrooms:

    Second floor and basement bathrooms are “closed”. Although restroom use is discouraged, if necessary, please use the restrooms on the main floor. The main floor bathrooms will be sanitized routinely or as needed/appropriate.


    I have received a copy of Aspire! Conservatory’s COVID-19 Procedure & Participation Policies and hereby acknowledge that I have read them in their entirety and will abide by these policies.

    I hereby attest that I have read the Aspire! Conservatory COVID-19 Procedures & Participations Policies, and agree to uphold all policies of Aspire! Conservatory of Fine & Performing Arts. My signature above confirms my compliance with this document and I understand that I am submitting my signature in digital form.