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Aspire! Conservatory is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization specializing in high quality fine arts education and experiences. We offer music, art, drama, and music therapy to people of all ages by degreed professionals. Since opening in 2015, Aspire! has expanded to two primary locations, as well as after-school programs in local elementary schools, and outreach services in local medical facilities, nursing and retirement homes, and treatment centers. Each semester Aspire! Conservatory serves more than 500 clients from 8 counties across the OH-KY-WV Tri-State area.

All donations to Aspire! Conservatory are tax deductible and help in three major areas: organizational & programming needs, our building campaign, and student scholarships. Our goal is to offer the best fine arts experiences in the entire Tri-State to clients from all backgrounds and a wide variety of needs with top quality/state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.



We accept online donations.  To make an online donation, simply click the PayPal Donate button below.

You can mail a check to: Aspire! Conservatory, P.O. Box 1162, Ashland, KY 41105.
Please make your check payable to Aspire! Conservatory please and be sure to include a note with your name and address in the envelope so we can send you a tax receipt.

For cash or in-kind donations, please contact us at (740) 534-2656 to make arrangements.

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       “Both of my children have taken part in the various lessons Aspire! Conservatory has to offer.  No matter what classes, I always knew that they were being taught by instructors at the top of their game, that would help develop them into more well-rounded individuals.”
                    – Braun Ream, Public School Music Teacher

       “Aspire! has offered our family something we have been looking 15+ years to find. With both of our boys having Down Syndrome, the usual routes of finding music and art classes were not available to them.  Music has always held a special place in the heart of our oldest son, Caleb.  Both he and his brother, Joshua, absolutely love Ms. Carleigh and her music class.  We are so grateful that Aspire! has not only opened their doors, but also their heart, to our family.”
                    – Betsy Caines, Mom & Down Syndrome Advocate

       “I love having a theatre company in our community.  The positive experiences my daughter has had with Aspire! have taught her self-confidence, cooperation, teamwork, and dedication.  The young actors have to be responsible for their part in the show and it teaches them to balance that with other activities and their schoolwork.  The positive learning atmosphere at Aspire! is a wonderful place to learn the art of acting.  I highly recommend it for any child that is interested in drama.”
                    – Michelle Harless, EdD, Counselor – Martin County High School

       “My daughters have been taking piano and voice lessons at Aspire! since its opening in 2015.  The dedication of the teachers and staff is amazing.  We live in a small town that doesn’t present a lot of opportunities for the youth.  The Aspire! program has helped fill that void by assembling a group of teachers that not only teach music but help to prepare them for the future through structure and       discipline.
                    – Mark Stephens, Chemical Operations Technician

       “Aspire Conservatory has become a blessing and a much-needed asset to the Ashland community.  It has opened the doors of art and music to children and adults of our community as well as those facing special challenges and needs within their lives.  I am truly grateful for the love, patience and understanding that Benjamin, my son with autism receives. Aspire is a place where ALL are welcome!”
                    – Carol Thompson, Mother & Autism Advocate

       “We began taking piano lessons with Aspire! in hopes that music would help our son to focus his energies in a productive way.  Starting with piano lab over 5 years ago, he has since added guitar and drum lessons as well as being a part of their praise band.  During that time, we also introduced our daughter to piano and art.  Aspire! Conservatory has blessed our children and so many others in our community with musical opportunities and an education that they will carry with them for a lifetime.   We are so very grateful for Aspire! Conservatory!”
                    – Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Wheeler

       “From a young age, both of our children have demonstrated a love for music. Since enrolling at Aspire! Conservatory, they have been able to grow in their musical abilities, gain confidence, and become more disciplined in learning.  The opportunities for community involvement and showcasing their talents are endless thanks to the top-notch instructors. From piano lessons to music therapy, we have found exactly what we need with our Aspire! family.”
                    – Katie Phillips, Elementary School Teacher

       “Aspire! has given so much to us as a family: a place for my child to flourish not only in music performance but comprehension, a deeply connected community resource for adults and children to learn various artistic interests at any level, and a welcoming and trustworthy staff who not only cares about providing a professional learning environment, but also about students and their families as a whole.  We are incredibly fortunate as a small-town community to have such an incredible resource.”
                    – Kim Litteral, Aspire! Parent

        “Aspire! Conservatory is a wonderful resource for my two children! My daughter is a member of its Intermediate Mixed Art program, and my son has several semesters of voice under his belt. It’s proven be a terrific advantage for my kids! We live in a community that has increasingly seen extracurricular activities quietly fall away as funding or staff issues have become prescient. My children’s school has been no exception. Aspire! has been right there to fill this void and provide our region with a number of art, music and theater programs. More than that, my daughter’s art instruction is far more detailed and hands-on than any she could’ve received at her school. She has covered a number of artistic styles, periods, and specific artists. I am always amazed at how advanced her abilities are for a nine-year-old!

       My son is new to the voice program, but he has already improved greatly with singing and note reading. He has participated in two recitals, and I can tell how greatly this has improved his confidence with public attention. Another great feature of the program is the summer offerings. It’s so nice to let my kids try something new and thereby encourage their discovery and further study into other endeavors, such as theater or musical performance and dance. The multi-dimensions of Aspire! make it a treasure to our community and essential to my family’s rounded education. I am an avid supporter and hope to see Aspire! continue to grow and expand its exciting repertoire of instruction!”
                    – Jennifer Darnell, Aspire! Parent

       “I LOVE Aspire! Conservatory – Ashland and all the amazing programs they offer. Hands down, they are an amazing resource for the arts in our community.  Our daughter has taken piano, attended multiple art camps, and is currently taking small group art lessons.  If you are considering Aspire! for lessons, classes, or camps, feel free to reach out to me and ask questions.”                                                                 – Emily J. Click, Attorney