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Piano Lab
(Small Group Piano Class)

This is the perfect class for young people just starting out, and for adults who always wanted to learn to play the piano or who wish they hadn’t quit piano lessons when they were younger. Piano Lab is a group learning situation, so gather up all of your friends and bring them along!


Classes will be instructed in a state of the art piano lab with a 4 to 6 students per class. Students will receive both group instruction and individual attention from certified and experienced piano instructors. Piano Lab sessions are an hour in length versus the 30 minute private lessons. Daytime sessions for home school groups or adults are available as well.

Youth classes are recommended for grades 3-8.  Students in grades 9 and up may participate in the adult level classes.  Students will need to have an instrument to practice on throughout the week.

Each week the class will have a small practice assignment to complete.  It is important that each student complete the weeks assignment to keep the class moving forward.

These classes require a semester long commitment, and fall under the small group instruction rate of $70/month. Students will be required to purchase an instructional text and materials. Click here to consult the schedule for semester dates.

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