Instructional Rates & Fees

 Registration Fee:

$10 per semester per student
(Covers multiple classes for 1 student.)


Large Group Instruction:  (Theatre)

$200/semester -or- $50/month on the installment plan.
(see installment plan below)


Small Group Instruction:  (Art & Piano Lab)

$240/semester -or- $60/month on the installment plan.
(see installment plan below)
Class fees are due according to the following schedule:

Payment in full: Due by the 1st day of class each semester.
Payment by installment: According to the semester schedule below:
        Installment 1 – due at time of registration
        Installments 2, 3, & 4 – Beginning of each month.

Private Instruction:

(Piano/ Voice/ Woodwinds/ Brass/ Percussion/ Strings)

30 minute lessons are $20 per lesson
       (Avg. $80.00/ month based on 4 lessons)
45 minute lessons are $30 per lesson
       (Avg. $120.00/month based on 4 lessons)
minute lessons are $40.00 per lesson
       (Avg. $160.00/month based on 4 lessons)

Private lesson payments fluctuate monthly according to the number of lessons offered on our calendar.

Private lessons fees are due
the 1st week of each month.




Credit/Debit card payments can be made through our websites  Payment Center.
There will be a 4% processing fee applied to all online payments.

     Aspire-Louisa will only be accepting online payments.

Aspire-Ashland payments can also be made in person via check.  We are not currently accepting cash payment.   A $20 returned check service charge will be assessed for all deposited items returned for insufficient funds.


Payments made 5 days or more after their due date will be assessed a late fee of $10.  Payments are due on the due date regardless of attendance.  If you have to miss a class when payment is due, please use our online payment center.


The following policy has been established to assist families with multiple members of the immediate family (same household) enrolled in Aspire! Conservatory classes.

No discount available for 1-2 family members enrolled.

Starting with the 3rd family member or third classes your family members are enrolled in, and for each consecutive family member/class, a 25% discount will be applied.  This discount  is only applicable to small and large group classes and will be applied to the least expensive classes.

Discounts can not be applied to registration fees or private instruction.