School of Drama

Aspire! Conservatory offers classes in acting and stage production to prepare students for future participation in high school, community and college theatre programs.



Thursday 6:00 – 7:30pm

Instructors, Auretta Hensley (Drama) & Kathy Saltsman (Music)


THEATREworks provides instruction in basic acting, singing, dancing and stage presence. Students will enjoy fun and fellowship through theatrical experiences while learning all aspects of putting a show on the stage. High quality instruction will be provided by experienced theatre and music educators, and the group will prepare and perform a musical theatre work each semester. This is the perfect class for finding your inner STAR!

If your child’s interest lies more in the area of costume or set design, they too are a welcome addition to this class!  Not everyone desires the spotlight, but all are important!

THEATREworks is designed for students in grades 3-12 or by special permission based upon experience. This class requires a semester long commitment and falls under the large group instruction rate of $50/month. Students and Parents may be required to help with costuming and prop items, backstage direction and set design.  Click here to consult the schedule for semester dates.

Private Acting Lessons

Time arranged according to instructor availability.
Instructors, Auretta Hensley