School of Drama



Thursday 6:00 – 8:00pm

Auretta Hensley, Director
Kathy Saltsman, Music Director
Candice Bunch, Choreographer


A Bit About TheatreWorks

          Aspire! Conservatory’s TheatreWorks is an educational theatre program for grades 3-12 that presents a musical theatre production each semester.  Registration is open 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.  Sometimes the class size is limited due to the production chosen for performance.  Everyone registered for the class is in the production.  No one is cut from the show.  At the beginning of each semester, students are guided through a short audition process to choose parts.  Because everyone is important to the production, this class requires a semester commitment and attendance at weekly rehearsals is essential. Throughout the semester, students will learn about all aspects of theatre: acting, singing, dancing, character development, stage presence, stage direction, costumes, props, scenery, lighting, and sound. 

When is the next semester?   Aug 21 – Dec 16, 2023 -OR- Jan 8-May 7, 2024

When are rehearsals? Thursday evenings from 6-8pm, with the addition of a few extra choreography and dress rehearsals.

Where are rehearsals?  LifeSong Church, 438 Boyd St, Russell, KY 41169

What if I have no experience?  It’s OK! You’re here to learn.

How do I register? Visit our website,
Look for the Aspire! – Ashland registration form.

What does it cost to enroll? There is a $10 semester registration fee, and the class fee is $60/month for 4 months. Students purchase their script for $15.

Are there any other expenses involved?  Each student/parent/guardian is responsible for purchasing or making their costume.  The director will design the look of the show and communicate with you the expectations of style, color, and other specifics regarding your costume.    Costumes remain the personal property of the student unless you decide to donate the costume to Aspire! Conservatory at   the end of the semester.

Who is responsible for props and set pieces?  This is a collaboration between directors and parents.  The director will communicate with the students/parents the needed props for each character and set pieces such as furniture and décor or set pieces that need to be built.  Our props and set pieces are often borrowed items from families and friends, but occasionally a small group of parents may be asked to undertake the building of specific set pieces or the crafting of props.

Being a TheatreWorks Parent

          The TheatreWorks parents, Moms AND Dads, are a huge part of our success each semester.  Parents become involved at a variety of levels depending on their availability.  Students and Parents are required to help with costuming and props, and may be asked to help with backstage direction and set design. There is a short parent briefing at the end of each rehearsal which allows the director to communicate specifics about the rehearsal, things that need to be worked on before the next rehearsal, projects that need to be tackled, and upcoming extras.

            Fundraising is essential to deliver the quality of shows we produce.  Specific fundraisers each semester include Breakfast With the Characters, selling program ads, making and/or selling flowers & memorabilia at the show, and community events. Be prepared to be involved.  This will become a worthwhile family experience that builds lasting memories.


Private Acting Lessons

Time arranged according to instructor availability.
Instructors, Auretta Hensley



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