School of Art

Aspire! Conservatory offers a variety of art classes, seminars, social art classes and art parties each semester.  Classes are taught by qualified art teachers with experience in both the public school and the private sector.  We are sure you’ll find something that fits your desire.

Art classes fall under the area of small group instruction with a fee of $60 per monthAll art classes require a full semester (4 month) commitmentSocial art sessions, art seminars and art parties are charged per session.

Elementary Art Explorations

This class will follow the same course description as our Intermediate Mixed Media classes, but move at an acceptable pace for young learners. This is a time for young children to learn basic shapes, colors/color blending, and basic art skills and to explore, create, socialize and have the freedom to work within their capabilities.  So much hands on learning fun.

Intermediate Mixed Media Art 

This class is an exploration of creativity in a variety of art forms and mixed media.  Emphasis will be put on students learning the basics of media and theory elements, and principles of art.  Various lessons will include: drawing, painting, collage, multimedia expression and sculpting.  In an effort to combine creativity with academia, some classes may focus on particular artists and their styles as well as world art.  This class is an extension of your child’s K-5 and intermediate school art class.

Our art classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction.  Students may be required to provide some of their own supplies.  Student work will be displayed in an end of semester art exhibition.

Advanced Art Techniques

This class will focus on building fundamental drawig and painting skills. In drawing, students will study basic techniques such as line, shape, perspective, positive and negative shape, tone, color, and texture while learning to draw specific items each week.  This class will be “skills oriented” and not “project oriented” making it particularly well suited for students who want an arts curriculum that goes beyond crafts. Mediums addressed will be graphite, colored pencil, pastels, and charcoal.

In the painting segment of the course, students will learn various brush stroke and color blending techniques while creating paper and canvas works of art.  While learning to work with watercolor paint, students will explore still life, landscape and personal interest paintings.  With acrylic paint, students will explore both abstract and realistic style paintings. Oil paints may be introduced late in the semester.

Our art classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and instruction. Students may be required to provide some of their own supplies.  Student work will be displayed in an end of semester art exhibition.

Private Art Lessons

Private art lessons are arranged with the instructor. Art lessons are offered in increments of 45 or 60 minutes and follow the same pricing plan as private music lessons.

Social Art Sessions & Arts Seminars

As Advertised

Aspire! Conservatory will host a series of special classes throughout the year.  These courses will meet for 1-2 sessions with a particular theme for adults or youth. Watch our Facebook page for advertisements/announcements.


Art Parties

Special Arrangement

 Aspire! Conservatory would love to hold your next group function, birthday party or girl’s night out!  Our Social Art parties are privately arranged Social Art Sessions. Each participant will create a canvas painting with acrylic paint while step by step instructions are provided.  All materials are provided.

Parties are scheduled according to instructor availability and must guarantee 6 participants.  Determined by the painting project chosen by the party host, parties can be 2 or 3 hours in length.   Party hosts are responsible for providing their own refreshments.  No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church building.   We can bring our parties to your location for an additional cost.

Call us today to schedule your private event!